Yes, Even Your Cane Or Walker Can Complement Your Wardrobe

Using a cane or walker can cause people to turn their heads in all the wrong ways, but as of recently, there are a number of lines of designer mobility aids that will blend in with any outfit, for both men and women alike. These classy canes and wonderful walkers can help you to blend in with whatever environment you could possibly find yourself in, without the bright aluminum shine that can attract unwanted attention. 

Formal Canes

Formal canes for men have been around for centuries, but mostly just as an added package when renting a tuxedo for prom. However, a quality walking cane can be used for both women and men in formal situations to blend in perfectly with the company. Not just painted canes, but also clear plastic canes are available depending on the occasion, and on the high end are those with ivory handles and elaborate carvings all down the shaft. 

Informal Canes

Even if a more formal black cane isn't required, one still will go well with any number of casual outfits. Good picks for these situations include knotted wooden canes for a rustic look or a floral print cane for the ladies night out. Even if just walking around the house, a more personalized cane can boost your spirits and feel less like you're in a hospital than an ugly metallic and gray cane. 

Fashionable Walkers

Even walkers can be made to go with any outfit and any situation. First off, designer walker totes are a good way to add some variety to your walkers' look. For an elevated look, try replacing your black or metallic walker with one that is entirely designed from a fashionable perspective. These walkers match the metal to the color of the tote bag, which makes the entire setup look sleek. Fashion walkers come in a variety of floral and even animal prints for a look that is sure to draw compliments and be head and shoulders above the classic, eyesore metal walkers. 

Don't let your mobility mark you everywhere you go, but instead, try out any one of a plethora of stylish and affordable canes for a wide variety of situations. From black tie dinners to drinks out with friends or even just lounging around the house, letting your cane tell a little about who you are will make you more comfortable, and will help alleviate the stigma around mobility impairment. 

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