Tips For Handling Ashes After Cremation

It's hard enough to say goodbye to a loved one without having to deal with all the issues that come along with the death of a friend or relative. The emotional upheaval can bring out the worst in people and even cause family rifts. One element that can contribute to this phenomenon is how the ashes are handled. You can avoid some of these issues by using the tips below.

You may even use them to finalize the preparations for your own demise so that your loved ones don't have to:

Keep Your Loved One Close to Your Heart

If your loved one has more than one person who would like to host their remains, you might consider investing in cremation jewelry. There are multiple options to choose from so that you can wear it as a pendant, close to your heart, offer bracelets, or other jewelry items that family members and loved ones can cherish.

The style selection ranges from religious to simple and discrete, so there is something for everyone. This option helps ease the pain of passing because no one person keeps all the ashes and the people who would like to keep some of the ashes are able to.

Create a Family Landmark

Perhaps your family has a piece of land that has been in the family for centuries. Even if it's a small plot of land, why not turn a small area of it into a family landmark. When you use land to dispose of the ashes, you put them in a place where everyone can visit them:

  • Bury the ashes and mark the area with a stone or statue.
  • Combine the ashes with soil to plant a tree, shrub, or bush that marks the location and gives friends and relatives a sense that the loved on lives on in some way.
  • Spread the ashes around a small garden.
  • Install a bench or other seating area where friends and family can rest when they come to pay their respects.

You want your loved one to rest in peace, but you also want yourself, as well as your loved one's friends and family to find a sense of peace at the same time. One of the best ways to do that is to make sure that everyone's feelings are validated and they have a chance to share in the long term process of grieving. These options help you all do just that.