Are You A Good Candidate For A Nose Job?

Having a rhinoplasty (nose job) will help to improve your nose's appearance. You may use the surgery to reduce your big nose, straighten your crooked nose or even increase your small nose. However, not everybody can undergo this operation. You are only a good candidate for a nose job if you:

Are Past the Mid-Teen Growth Spurt

It is advisable to have rhinoplasty early in life when your skin is healthy, elastic and can recover the trauma of surgery fast. However, you shouldn't be too young either because your nose may still be developing. If you are too young, then you may be bothering with a problem that may correct itself via normal growth.

Therefore, the ideal time for a nose job is just after the growth spurt that most people experience around the ages of 14 and 15. Most plastic surgeons advice their patients will only work on patients who are above the age of 15.

Are In General Good Health

Some of the factors likely to affect your rhinoplasty result include infection, inflammation, and skin quality. These are all things that may be affected by ill health. Therefore, you should only opt for the surgery if you are in general good health.

On your first nose job consultation, your surgeon will ask for your complete medical history. The doctor will peruse the history and refer you to your general physician if he or she notices any problems with your health. If you have any prevailing health concerns, then you should have them treated first before having your nose operated on.

Have Realistic Expectations

Lastly, you are only a good candidate for a nose job if you have realistic expectations about the results. It is true that rhinoplasty can improve your appearance considerably. However, you shouldn't expect it to change other aspects of your life; if you do, then you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

For example, if you have a low self-confidence, then you shouldn't expect a huge boost in your confidence levels immediately after the surgery. In short, approach your nose job with nothing but an expectation of improved nose/facial appearance, and you will be satisfied with the results.

Evaluate these factors to see if you are a good candidate for a nose job; do you think you make the cut? Answer this question truthfully: what do you hope to achieve with the operation? If your answer is to improve your nose's appearance, then go for it. Talk to your general physician and take his or her advice into consideration while making your decision.

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