Oh Baby! Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy comes with an host of aches and pains that are unique to soon-to-be moms. One common discomfort that many pregnant women suffer from is back pain, which is caused by increased weight gain, a shifting center of gravity and hormonal changes that loosen pelvic ligaments. If you are pregnant and plagued with back pain, there are some solutions to help ease the discomfort.

Get Some Extra Support

Part of the cause of back pain is the extra strain on muscles and the spine due to a growing baby. Some doctors recommend wearing a pregnancy support belt to help hold up some of the weight and relieve the stress on the back. These belts are similar to those that construction workers wear when lifting heavy items, but they are worn under mom's belly. Always follow the belt instructions carefully and be sure not to pull it too tight.

Warm Up or Cool Down

Cool and warm compresses work to ease pain in pregnant and non-pregnant individuals alike. However, pregnant women should avoid placing compresses directly on their abdomen so as not to endanger the baby. Start by applying an ice pack to your lower back area for 20 minutes several times a day. After a few days, switch to using a heating pad instead.


Acupuncture has proven benefits for a wide variety of ailments, and pregnancy-related back pain is one of them. In fact, some medical research studies have found that acupuncture is actually better at relieving pregnancy-related back pain than other forms of traditional treatments such as massage and even warm and cold compresses. It's important to only use licensed acupuncturists who have extensive experience with pregnant women, and always check with your OB/GYN before undergoing acupuncture treatment to ensure that it is safe for you to do so.

In additional to acupuncture, you can also contact a professional chiropractor, like Beltline Chiropractic.

Keep It Simple

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one, and that is definitely true when it comes to maintaining proper posture during pregnancy. Most women tend to slouch forward as their belly grows, which puts a strain on the back. Always maintain proper posture by walking with your shoulders back. When lying down, a pillow between the legs can help align the spine into the proper position.

While most back pain doesn't begin until the second half of pregnancy, it can make those last few months unbearable. However, by following these suggestions, you can alleviate the pain and get back to all those other important baby prepping activities.