The Relationship Between Sinus Infections And Snoring

If you have a sinus infection, the problem isn't simply that the symptoms are very annoying. Another problem is that your sinus infection might trigger snoring, which can annoy anyone whom you are living with. The sinus infection causes the lining of your nose to become inflamed, interfering with breathing. Also, the infection can irritate your nose and cause it to produce more mucous.  

Signs That You Have A Sinus Infection

You likely have a sinus infection if you not only have congestion, but also experience a headache, pressure behind the eyes, a fever and bad breath. The infection usually results from a condition that blocks the drainage of channels in your sinus. This can include allergies, colds and growths inside the lining of your nose.

Nasal Surgery Isn't Always The Answer

A nasal surgery can sometimes lead to a reduction in your snoring. However, snoring should not be the primary reason why you should undergo the surgery. There should be a secondary reason, such as chronic sinus infection.

Other Ways To Reduce Snoring

There are other changes you can make that can reduce the degree to which you snore. If you consume alcohol before bed or use sleeping pills, you will not have good muscle tone in your nose and throat. This can lead to your tongue collapsing and falling back into the airway, which can contribute to snoring. Also, if you are overweight, you will have more neck tissue, which can interfere with your ability to breathe.

Eliminating Your Sinus Infection

Treating your sinus infection is the only way to completely eliminate the snoring. Your treatment for a sinus infection is based on the type you are suffering from. If you have only had a sinus infection for a short period, you might be suffering from an acute sinus infection. Usually, the infection will go away without medical supervision. However, if the symptoms are severe, you may want to visit a doctor to receive an antibiotic prescription.

When Your Sinus Infection Is Chronic

If you have suffered from a sinus infection for longer than three months, you might be suffering from chronic sinus infection. This could be the result of another underlying condition, such as a deformity in your sinus. The deformity can lead to there being a location that is prone to infection. You may need a surgery to modify your sinuses so you are no longer prone to sinus infections. Contact a local professional, such as one from Rochester Otolaryngology Group PC, for further assistance.