3 Vaccines Women Should Get To Protect Themselves Against Stds

As a woman, the only way to protect yourself completely against sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) is by abstaining from all sexual activity with other people. While this is the best method for avoiding STDs, it may not be an option in your life. If you are or plan on being sexually active, there are many ways you can protect yourself against these diseases, and one option is by choosing to get vaccinated. Vaccines will not protect you against all STDs, but they can be helpful for some. Here are three vaccinations you may want to consider getting if you want to protect yourself.

HPV Virus

The HPV virus is a condition that affects a woman's genitals, and it can lead to cervical cancer and genital warts. If you want to prevent these issues, you may want to get the HPV vaccination. This is given in three doses and takes six months to complete, but it offers a lot of protection.

There are multiple types of HPV viruses you can contract, but most are passed through normal types of sexual activity. Some types of HPV viruses go away on their own and do not even have symptoms, but the HPV vaccination will protect you against the ones that do have symptoms and cause problems.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A vaccinations are routinely given to children and are extremely helpful for preventing complications caused by Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is an infection that affects the liver. It can be contracted simply through saliva or water, and it can be contracted through sexual activity. This vaccination requires two shots, which are six months apart. If you did not receive this vaccination as a child, you should talk to your gynecologist about getting it.

Hepatitis B

The third vaccination you may want to look into is for Hepatitis B. This condition also affects the liver and is passed through sexual contact or sharing of drug needles. The Hepatitis B vaccination is typically administered in three to four doses over a period of six months. It is commonly given to young children as a routine procedure.

Developing infections and health problems from STDs is extremely common, especially with people that have multiple partners. If you want to stay healthier and have the ability to have sexual relations with multiple people, you will have the best luck if you receive all these vaccinations. To learn more about ways to protect yourself, make an appointment with a gynecologist today.

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