How Compounding Pharmacy Can Improve Treatment For Anxiety Patients

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) causes you to worry about things when there is no reason to worry. People with GAD have trouble with focusing on daily tasks and controlling their anxiety. Depression is common for Americans between the ages of 25 to 44 years old. Anxiety is a common symptom of this condition.

Depression is the leading cause of disability and the cause of production lost in work each year. It is important to not allow your anxiety to go untreated. Treatment can alleviate the symptoms associated with anxiety. Read on to find out how compounding medication can improve your anti-anxiety treatments

What Is Compounding Pharmacy?

Compounding pharmacy is when medication is customized for a patient. Compounded medications are made based on the specifications of your doctor. It consists of mixing individual ingredients together to get the exact dosage and strength you need to treat your condition. With this approach, compounding pharmacists, like Camelback Compounding Pharmacy, and doctors come together to customize medications specifically for a patient's needs.

Go To Specialty Pharmacies

It is common for an anxiety patient to get their medication from a traditional pharmacy. Certain factors can make it challenging for someone to obtain anti-anxiety medication. Some anxiety patients are allergic to filler ingredients, need customized dosages or do not like the delivery method of the medication. For these reasons, specialty pharmacy can help you find relief and live a better quality of life.

How Is Medication Customized?

A compounding pharmacist can personalize a medication in a variety of ways for patients. Prozac is a common drug used for GAD. If you have been taking Prozac for a while and not seeing any improvement, then you can talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication. Your doctor would talk to a pharmacist about customizing the dosage of the Prozac to fit your needs.

Pharmacists can reformulate a drug to exclude an unwanted ingredient like gluten or remove a dye that may cause an allergic reaction. The form of the medication also can be changed. If you have problems swallowing the pill, then your pharmacist can make the pill smaller or change it to a liquid form.

Flavoring the medication is another reason to choose compounding medication. The medication can be flavored with another ingredient to make it taste better. Flavoring the medication makes it easier for a child to take.

Someone with GAD can live a productive life with treatment. You can enjoy a successful career, work on a busy schedule and have a thriving social life. It helps to get support from a team of medical professionals and loved ones.