Coping With Boredom After Substance Abuse Recovery

When trying to recover from substance abuse, one issue that is often not taken into consideration is boredom. This may have been the original reason why you began abusing substances in the first place. Boredom is a lack of interest in one's surroundings and can be very uncomfortable. Boredom can result from being forced to engage in activities you are not interested in, not being able to engage in activities that you are interested in or an inability to stay interested in any activities. In order to avoid relapsing, you will need to tackle the root cause of your boredom.

Tacking Boring Activities

Everyone is forced to engage in a boring activity from time to time. However, this activity can be made easier to tolerate by having a fun activity that is planned after the boring activity has been completed. You may be able to play music, watch television or consume a delicious, non-alcoholic beverage while engaging in a boring activity, which can help alleviate boredom. Another solution is to continuously change the tasks you must perform. For instance, if you must write a report and also respond to emails, you may respond to a few emails, write the report, and then respond to a few more emails. Schedule a break in the middle of an activity that you find very boring.

Finding Time To Engage In Fun Activities

It is important to travel and to try a broad range of activities in order to find new activities that will not bore you. The problem may be that the activities you have passed up may be more enjoyable than you previously thought. The good news is that when you are no longer addicted, you will have more free time. Less time will be spent chasing a fix and less time will be spent incapacitated because of the effects of a substance. Even if you feel like your commitments to others leave you with little time to enjoy yourself, it is important to make time for yourself and know when to ask for help so you will be able to enjoy life.

Treating The Root Cause

The boredom you suffer from may be connected to other issues, such as depression or social anxiety disorder that leads to you remaining in your home. When these conditions are treated, you may find yourself able to better handle boredom. Make sure to consult with a substance abuse treatment specialist and your family doctor in order to identify any other causes of boredom.