Five Ways Women Can Reduce The Risk Of Hairloss

Hair loss can be traumatic for people of all genders, but it is particularly worrisome for women. There are not as many products or procedures designed for women with hair loss as there are for men with this problem. So, your best approach as a woman is to do all you can to prevent hair loss. Here are five steps you can take in this regard.

1. Don't wear tight hairstyles.

Tight hairstyles, like tightly pulled ponytails and buns, put a strain on your hair and make it more likely to be pulled out. All of the strain on your scalp may also damage your hair follicles, so they are less likely to regrow new hair after you lose your existing hair. Try to avoid tight hairstyles as much as possible, opting for loose updos on special occasions.

2. Avoid excessive chemical processing.

If you dye your hair, make sure you or your stylist uses a gentle dye formula that does not strip the existing color from your hair. Dyes that bleach your hair may cause thinning, and you may never get your original hair fullness back. Avoid perms and chemical straightening treatments, too, as these also thin your hair and can damage your scalp.

3. Use a deep conditioner.

Deep conditioners are not just for your hair strands. If you rub it on your scalp, too, it will also nourish your scalp and help keep it healthy so it can keep growing hair. Look for a quality deep conditioner that contains ingredients like vitamin E and coconut oil. Use your deep conditioner once a week after shampooing your hair. Let it sit for the full time recommended on the bottle -- which is often 5 minutes -- before rinsing it away.

4. Massage your scalp.

Massaging your scalp helps stimulate blood flow and encourage increased hair growth. You can massage your own scalp as you are shampooing your hair on a daily basis. Or, have a friend or your partner give you a scalp massage from time to time.

5. Eat a balanced diet.

What you eat definitely has an effect on your hair! For healthy hair, make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, and take your multivitamin. You should also make sure you are getting plenty of protein in your diet, and hair is made from protein.

With the tips above, you can help with hair loss prevention. Talk to your stylist or a dermatologist to learn more.