Problems Getting An Erection? You May Have Erectile Dysfunction

If you are a male and having problems getting or maintaining an erection, it is common to experience this problem from time to time. If you are having this problem on a regular basis, then you may have erectile dysfunction. Below are some causes of this problem as well as treatment options for you.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Your emotions, your hormones, the nerves in your penis, your blood vessels, and your muscles all play a role in you becoming sexually aroused. Because of this, there could be many things causing you to have this problem. 

One of these things could be mental health problems. You could be depressed, have high stress levels, or you may be having problems with your relationship. All of these can affect your hormones, which in turn causes your erectile dysfunction.

Physical problems causing erectile dysfunction include heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and diabetes. If you use tobacco, this can cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you take prescription medications on a regular basis, talk to your doctor to see if this is one of the side effects.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction can be caused by a mixture of mental health problems and physical health problems. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Your doctor will give you a thorough examination to determine if you have any of the health problems above. This may include blood tests, an ultrasound, and more. Your doctor may also give you a mental health evaluation or recommend a therapist. Once it is found why you have problems with your erections, treating this problem may also help you gain and maintain an erection. 

Other than treating the underlying problem, your doctor can provide treatment for you to make it much easier for you to have an erection. One type of common treatment is taking medication. There are a variety of medications available. With most, you will take the medication before you have sex. This may be 30 minutes or one hour before, depending on what you are prescribed. You should know you will still need stimulation to gain an erection after taking this medication.

If medication does not work or you do not want to take medicine, there are other options available for you. Your doctor can go over these other treatment options with you so you can find one that works for your situation and have a normal sex life again.