Benefits Of Retipping Curettes

A curette is a specialized instrument that is regularly used by dentists and physicians to scrape or debride debris or human tissue. The device is often used during invasive procedures, such as medical biopsies. However, it is also used for dental cleanings. The tip of the tool may be designed as a hook, a scoop, or a small gouge.

If you are a dental or medical professional who regularly uses curettes, you may be curious about the advantages of having the devices retipped.  During the retipping process, the curette's tip is exposed to extremely high temperatures, releasing the seal that holds the tip in position. Once the seal is broken, the technician removes the tip and installs a new one in its place, restoring the precision and effectiveness of the curette.

Here are a few benefits associated with retipping curettes.

Improved Performance

As the tip of a curate incurs regular usage and maintenance, it can wear down over time. To maintain the tip, a provider may have it scraped, sharpened, and contoured repeatedly. With each of these maintenance procedures, the curette tip becomes increasingly thin. Additionally, the end of the curette may become shorter, diminishing its effectiveness.

When the worn or damaged tip of a curette is replaced, the full functionality of the instrument is restored. During the process, only the tip is replaced. The curette handle remains the same.

Full Inspection of the Curette

When a curette is retipped, the entire instrument is inspected. If the device has incurred damage that has compromised its effectiveness and the device is irreparable, the curette is removed from service. Thus, a damaged curette is unlikely to find its way back into the medical or dental facility, where it could negatively affect adequate levels of patient care.

Waste Minimalization

Many medical facilities are concerned about the state of the environment. In an attempt to make a positive ecological impact, medical and dental professionals are often looking for ways to minimize waste. With the retipping of a curette, only a small portion of the instrument is discarded. The handle is retained for continual use.


The consistent replacement of the curettes in a medical office can be expensive. However, when a retipping is performed, less cost is involved since only a small portion of the device is replaced.

To learn more about curette retipping service and the advantages of this service, schedule a consultation with a medical device specialist in your local area like Dental Instrument Specialists.