Is Ketamine Depression Therapy Right For You?

Depression can be devastating to a person's physical and emotional health. It can disrupt your ability to sleep and eat normally, which can lead to long-term negative consequences. Severe depression must be taken seriously and treated by the appropriate mental health care professionals. However, standard treatments, such as SSRIs and talk therapy, can fail to help people with treatment-resistant depression. Fortunately, there are other options. Ketamine therapy is a technique that can help people with treatment-resistant depression. Read More 

What Happens At Your Infant’s First Pediatrician Visit?

After you bring your baby home from the hospital or birthing center, your pediatrician will typically want to schedule a checkup appointment for about a week later. Since this will be a first for both you and your infant, you probably want to know what to expect. Every pediatrician is a bit different, and every baby's need is a bit different, too. In most cases, however, this first visit will involve the following elements. Read More