4 Signs That Could Indicate A Need For In-Home Senior Care

When your parents start to age, it is only natural that you will feel responsible for making sure they are properly cared for. This often means you take on tending to their care. As dedicated as you may be to making sure that your elderly loved one is getting what they need, it can sometimes get overwhelming. Many people miss the signs that taking care of their aging loved one is taking a toll on them. Here are four indicators that could mean it is time to start thinking about hiring a professional in-home senior care agent.

1. Your Own Responsibilities are Neglected - When you notice that taking care of your family member is meaning that you can no longer focus at work or pay attention to your own children, it is a good indicator that you need help. Sometimes, even hiring someone for a few hours a day to help with the needs of your aging parent will be all that it takes.

2. You Feel Resentment or Animosity Toward Your Loved One - You may not notice it at first, but when you are directly responsible for all of the care needs of another person, the dynamic of the relationship can change. This can sometimes mean you are stressed and feeling overwhelmed, which could lead to animosity or resentment.

3. The Medical Needs of Your Loved One Become Overwhelming - A loved one who requires around the clock medical care can be too much for just one person to care for. If the health of your family member changes in a way that requires you to be more of a nurse than a caregiver, it is definitely time to search for help.

4. You Struggle to Be Present Enough - If you see that your family member needs someone with them, but you do not have enough time to be there to tend to their daily needs, you should seek senior care. It is not always possible to commit enough of your own time and not providing some form of care and attention could leave you family member at risk.

As the person who is responsible for an aging parent or relative, it is crucial that you learn how to recognize signs that you need help. Talk to a care agency in your area, like ComForcare - San Fernando Valley, to find out more about the right time to bring in professional help.