How To Make Your Tummy Tuck Recovery More Successful

Getting a tummy tuck is a life-changing experience. You get the belly you've always wanted, and can feel sexy and confident in yourself. A tummy tuck may be a cosmetic procedure, but it should still be treated the same way as any other major surgery should. This means you need to limit your physical activity, get plenty of rest, and do what you can to manage your pain. Your tummy tuck success lies in what you do (and don't do). Here is a guide to making your tummy tuck recovery more successful.

Take it easy

Following a tummy tuck, you want to limit your activity levels, especially the first week. Avoid twisting your body as you bend over or walk, and try to prevent yourself from doing even mildly stressful activities that can strain your abdominal wall, including:

  • washing dishes
  • vacuuming
  • carrying laundry
  • lifting children
  • taking a bath
  • jogging or running

After the first week of recovery, which should be full of rest and relaxation, you can lift items and children that are 10 pounds and under. It may be a few more weeks until you are able to lift heavier objects or engage in regular household activities. If you feel pain or tension as you lift or bend over, this is your body telling you to stop and take it easy. You don't want to risk tearing your deeper sutures.

Take your pain meds

Even if you want to bear through the pain on your own, your medication does more than just make you comfortable as you heal from your tummy tuck. Pain medication puts your body at ease, and the lack of stress helps you heal much faster. Pain medication also helps you to rest and sleep better, which promotes faster healing.

Care for your incision

You will have to check your incision for infection often. Look for signs of increased swelling or fluid leaking from your stitches. Some fluid is OK, but if it is a yellow or green tint or has an odor, you may have an infection. Call your doctor right away if you notice your tummy tuck incision site becoming more red or swollen so they can check for infection and possibly prescribe an antibiotic.

Your tummy tuck should heal successfully within a month or so if you take care of your body so it can heal. Relax, take your medications as prescribed and avoid too-strenuous activities and you will soon be able to enjoy your sexier, smoother belly. If you're looking for a surgery center that specializes in tummy tucks, visit Body Spectrum Plastic Surgery Center - Bruce R Barton MD.