Dermatology Services: 2 Ways to Remove or Lighten Under-Eye Circles

Under-eye circles can make you look exhausted and tired even when you're fully awake. It's a common condition that affects many people. According to a 2006 study performed by the cosmetic company Clinique, 50% of women would consider dark circles and puffiness under and around the eyes to be one of their most major beauty concerns. Unfortunately, under-eyes circles are usually an inherited trait. Fortunately, there are plenty of dermatology services that can help remove or lighten under-eye circles for a more rejuvenated look. Depending on the cause behind your under-eye circles, a dermatologist will recommend different targeted treatments. This article will outline 2 of the most highly recommended dermatology services.

Tightening the Skin to Reduce the Tyndall Effect

The most common cause of under-eye circles is a result of the Tyndall Effect, which is when the dark hues under the eyes are caused by light refracting off of the underlying vasculature. To determine whether the Tyndall Effect is to blame, your dermatologist will look for the presence of superficial blood vessels right underneath the skin. You can't get rid of the vasculature in this region; however, you can diminish the Tyndall Effect by tightening the skin surrounding the vasculature using special lasers. Several treatments may be needed before you see results.

Filling Up Hollow Lower Orbital Rims

If superficial blood vessels aren't the cause of your under-eye circles, chances are you have hollow lower orbital rims, also known as the tear-trough or the upper cheek and lower eyelid area of your face. Hollow lower orbital rims are purely a skeletal issue, although the hollowing may become more severe as you age due to saggy skin, loss of upper facial fat, and other factors. To solve this issue, your dermatologist can either refer you to an experienced plastic surgeon for implants or fill up the hollow present in the soft tissue with fillers.

Usually, the latter option is preferred, as it is relatively noninvasive and the results are immediate. There are different types of fillers that can get the job done. On top of removing your under eye circles, the fillers will also give you a fuller and more youthful upper cheek, which can literally shave years off of your face.


If you're sick of looking tired all the time because of the circles under your eyes, schedule a consultation with a dermatologist as soon as possible to determine the main cause behind the circles. After determining what is causing the sullen look you've been sporting for years, the dermatologist will be able to provide you with a list of options to choose from based on what you're comfortable with.