Can Oxygen Therapy Help Stem The Progression Of Your Pulmonary Disorder?

If you've recently been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or another condition that often leaves you feeling weak from lack of oxygen to your blood, you may be wondering what you can do to help get back to a more active lifestyle. Fortunately, advances in medical technology mean that you can carry a constant supply of oxygen with you without toting around a heavy or inconvenient oxygen tank. What are your best choices when pursuing oxygen therapy for pulmonary disorder? Read on to learn about oxygen therapy and some of your portable oxygen options. 

How can oxygen therapy help with pulmonary disorders? 

Regardless of the cause of your pulmonary issue, the primary complication remains the same -- decreased levels of oxygen being carried through your body by red blood cells. Even if you feel like you're breathing normally, you may not be inhaling as much oxygen from the surrounding air as someone with healthier lung function. Over time, low levels of blood oxygen can leave you without the energy to exercise, diminishing muscle tone and sometimes causing weight gain. Steroids administered to temporarily boost your lung function can exacerbate this issue, causing you to retain water and leaving it even more difficult to breathe.

Oxygen therapy helps raise your blood oxygen levels by administering a constant stream of pure oxygen into your nose from a pressurized holding tank through a cannula or mask. Depending upon your resting oxygen levels and lung function, you may be able to restore your daily energy levels back to your own "normal" by administering this oxygen just occasionally throughout the day or while sleeping. Oxygen therapy has been shown to extend lifespan in those dealing with chronic pulmonary disorders and conditions. 

What are your most easily portable oxygen administration options? 

If you don't require a constant stream of oxygen but would like to have a portable tank to be used after you exert yourself or if you feel your energy levels dropping, you now have more options than ever before. Many battery-powered portable oxygen tanks are small enough to fit in a purse or even a pocket, allowing you instant access to oxygen no matter where you are. These tanks can be transported through airport security and other high-surveillance areas without any issues, and with an extended battery life, may be able to go days without needing to be recharged. 

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