Check Out Breast Augmention Trends That Have Taken Center Stage In 2016

Something extraordinary is happening in the business of breast augmentation, and it bodes well for you if you are seeking to undergo such a procedure. Advances in the field of plastic surgery have been made over the years, and certified plastic surgeons are saying that the advances have helped them to improve results for your benefit. They've actually suggested that breast augmentation has been made easier and more effective. So have you given thought to fat graft breast augmentation and other innovative breast augmentation trends that can benefit you? Check out breast augmentation trends that have grabbed attention in 2016.

Fat Graft Breast Augmentation

When you choose to have fat graft breast augmentation, your plastic surgeon will remove fat from one area of your body where you'd rather not have fat and place it in your breasts. Your breast size is increased in this procedure, and apparently women like the looks of this augmentation method and think it really feels natural. Your plastic surgeon uses a liposuction procedure to collect the fat from the donor site.

You won't have any evident scars following the procedure. If you gain weight, the weight goes to your chest and not your breast, says one plastic surgeon. There is one drawback to a fat graft procedure that you should be aware of though. Not all of the fat transfer settles down at its new site sometimes. Your surgeon will discuss this issue with you during your first consultation appointment.

Smaller Breast Cup Sizes New Trend

There is an increasing breast augmentation trend that you should know about and consider before you undergo your procedure. Women are now saying no to large breast augmentation. They're shifting from those large D-cup size placements and asking their surgeons for B-cup or C-cup size breast augmentation instead. It could be, as one website article suggests, that women like you are rethinking whether they need to have large breasts as they grow old. You should also give this some thought before you sign up to undergo breast augmentation in order to avoid having an additional operation later on to remove the implant as you age.

Trending Preferred Implants

Teardrop-shaped implants grabbed the stage for a while before it was eclipsed by round implants. Surgeons are saying that teardrop-shaped implants have a higher chance of rotating inside your breast capsule. So if they tip upside down, your breasts will adopt an unnatural look. The surgeons feel that round implants are better because they are placed under the muscle, which gives your breast a lasting natural and full look.