Pet-Related Factors To Assess When Choosing An Assisted Living Home

People can need to move into assisted living for expected and unexpected reasons. In either scenario, you may have a family pet with which you're not ready to part upon making the move. The good news is that many assisted living homes allow pets, so you won't have to likely find a new home for your four-legged friend. If you're evaluating different facilities, you may wish to consider each home's pet-related rules, and even ask a series of questions to ensure that you pick the best new residence for not only yourself but also for your pet. Here are some factors to assess as you make this decision:

Available Outdoor Space

If it's a dog that you own, you want to thoroughly assess the available outdoor space that surrounds the assisted living home. For example, a downtown assisted living facility might have lots of perks, but if there's little to no green space on the facility's property, you might wish to look for another facility. Ideally, you'll be able to find an assisted living home that has a large yard that residents can enjoy with their pets. Look for the yard to be fenced, too, as this will give you peace of mind in the event that your dog gets off its leash.

Room Inside The Units

Although you might wish to spend lots of time outside with your dog, you'll also be spending considerable time in your unit with the pet. Different assisted living homes have different unit sizes, so keep this in mind as you evaluate facilities. The bigger the dog, the bigger the unit you should ideally have. You want the pet to avoid feeling cramped when it's confined to your room. If you can find a facility that has units with sliding doors and patio access, this can serve as an enticing extension of your room for you and the pet.

Overall Rules

Some assisted living homes are friendlier to pets than others. Make sure that you assess each home's overall rules regarding pets. For example, some homes may allow smaller pets such as cats to roam free, while others may insist that pets are kept inside residents' rooms or accompanied by their owners when out and about. You know your pet's personality best, and if it's content to be in your room, a facility that stipulates pets need to remain in residents' rooms is likely best.

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