Is Ketamine Depression Therapy Right For You?

Depression can be devastating to a person's physical and emotional health. It can disrupt your ability to sleep and eat normally, which can lead to long-term negative consequences. Severe depression must be taken seriously and treated by the appropriate mental health care professionals. However, standard treatments, such as SSRIs and talk therapy, can fail to help people with treatment-resistant depression. Fortunately, there are other options.

Ketamine therapy is a technique that can help people with treatment-resistant depression. People who participate in this therapy are given ketamine in controlled clinical settings. Here are four things you should know if you're considering ketamine therapy for your depression.

1. The results can last for several weeks.

Ketamine therapy can provide long-lasting results, which makes it valuable for the treatment of depression. Ketamine can last for several weeks once it has built up in your system. This makes it an ideal solution for people who cannot tolerate SSRIs and other psychiatric medications.

2. You may notice some side effects.

Ketamine is frequently used as a tranquilizer and anesthetic, so you may notice some side effects when you begin your ketamine therapy. Most of the time, these side effects will be especially noticeable on the day of your treatment. You may feel dizzy, tired, or strange. However, your doctor will give you ketamine at a dosage your body can handle. Most patients find that their side effects go away after a few hours.

3. Your side effects should decrease over time.

As your body becomes used to the effects of ketamine, you may find that the severity of your side effects decreases. Most patients find this a welcome change, as they're still able to reap the benefits of ketamine therapy without the sleepiness and disorientation that this drug can sometimes cause. Your doctor will work with you to adjust the dosage of your ketamine therapy until you find a level that works for you.

4. You may find that ketamine therapy restores your ability to enjoy life.

Many people find that ketamine therapy is very effective. Regular ketamine therapy can seriously reduce your depression symptoms, especially when combined with other treatments like talk therapy. Once people begin to feel better, they usually find that they have more energy to improve their lives in other ways. You may find yourself once again wishing to participate in activities you once loved, which can further improve your spirits.