Hearing Aid Information For New Patients

A hearing aid can be a device that can substantially improve your overall quality of life by addressing the disruptions and difficulties that can come with serious hearing loss.

Are Hearing Aids Only For Older Individuals?

It is often the case that older individuals will need to use hearing aids to address their age-related hearing deterioration. However, it is also often the case that younger individuals could require the use of these devices. In addition to those that were born with hearing problems are those that developed them as a result of working in loud environments or even listening to music too loudly. Due to these factors, individuals that are relatively young may find themselves in need of requiring these devices to restore these sources of hearing.

Will It Be Difficult To Keep The Batteries For The Hearing Aids Charged?

Your hearing aids will need to utilize batteries in order to work, and this can lead to individuals thinking that their hearing aid may be difficult to keep charged. In reality, the batteries that will power these devices will have an extremely high capacity. This can be useful for those that are needing to use their hearing aids for long periods of time while they are working or otherwise away from their home. Typically, these devices will be capable of lasting the entire day so that you will only have to charge them during the overnight period when you are sleeping. If you notice that your hearing aid batteries are not able to last as long as normal, this could indicate that they are reaching the end of their lifespan and needing to be replaced. Depending on the brand and design of your hearing aid, this work may require you to have the hearing aid professionally serviced to remove and replace the previous battery.

How Often Should The Hearing Aid Be Cleaned?

Cleaning the hearing aids will be the most common type of maintenance that they will require. Over time, ear wax, dirt, and other substances can actually depress the sound output of these devices. Lightly cleaning the hearing aids at the end of the day can significantly reduce this problem by removing earwax and other substances before they are able to interfere with the sound output of these devices. Additionally, these devices should be professionally serviced at least once a year. During this work, the hearing aid will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris that could have gotten lodged in the system or that is otherwise extremely difficult for you to be able to clean on your own.