What Can You Expect From Suboxone Treatment?

Living with substance abuse can be difficult, but there are different things you can do to make life in treatment and recovery better. One option is suboxone treatment, which can be used to help you fight the cravings and effects of opioids.

If you have been living with substance abuse disorder, you may consider suboxone treatment. These are a few things you should know if you are anticipating your first treatment.

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment for suboxone treatment may feel the most stressful. You will come in and speak with a provider, who will assess your history and health situation. Together, you will determine the best course of action for treatment. You may be called to come back in for more treatment.

You Can Take Suboxone in Mild Withdrawal

It is important that you experience mild withdrawal symptoms before you take suboxone. Otherwise, you could bounce into a more severe form of withdrawal. Your doctor will account for your stage of withdrawal and your usual dose to ensure that you are safe.

You Will Come in Regularly

Each treatment plan is different. Some people benefit from coming in for regular treatments each week, whereas some others need to come in once a month. As you move further along in the treatment process, you may not need to come in as often.

You May Be Drug Tested

As you complete suboxone treatment, you may be asked to undergo drug screenings at your appointments. This is often via a urine sample, which will be collected at your appointment.

The next steps that happen will be based on the sample you give. If you relapse, the providers will make sure that you are safe. They will help you avoid overdose and serious withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone Is Different From Methadone

Suboxone is slightly different from methadone. The key is that suboxone treatments do not require you to check in daily like methadone. Suboxone can be taken at home, and it is used in a lower dosage.

The side effects, while not extremely serious, can also differ. You may experience more severe symptoms if you use other substances, even alcohol.

Get Suboxone Treatment Today

If you have been living with substance abuse disorder, you may be able to see an end to your suffering. Suboxone treatment can help many people in your situation. Contact a professional to learn more about your treatment options.