Think Your Teen Is Doing Drugs? Signs They Are And Treatment Options

If you think your teen is doing drugs, there are many signs you can look for to determine if they are. If you find that they are doing drugs, there are many treatment options available that can help them. Keep reading so you can help your teen get off drugs and get their life back to normal.

Signs of Drug Addiction

One common sign of drug addiction in teens is they will start doing bad at school. You will especially notice this if your child was making good grades and their grades suddenly dropped. Your teen would also act like they didn't care if this is happening. 

You may notice that your teen is tired all the time or very hyperactive. They will lack motivation, have red eyes, and either gain weight or lose weight. They also may not care anything about their appearance and not want to shower or not care what clothes they are wearing. Your teen will also likely not want to be around the family but instead stay in their room all the time. 

You may catch them in lies a lot. For example, they may tell you they have to stay after school when they went to someone's house. You may notice your child has a lot of new friends they have never been with before. Your child may start having different friends and these friends may also show signs of drug use. 

You may have money missing or your child may ask for a lot more money than they ever have. You may have items missing around your home especially expensive ones so your teen can sell these things to buy their drugs. 

Treatment Options

If you do determine that your teen is doing drugs, there are many treatment options available for them. It is important that you do get them into treatment as soon as you can before the problem becomes much worse. 

There are outpatient drug treatment programs where your teen would see a drug addiction counselor a few times per week or every day. Visit with the drug addiction counselor and they can set up a treatment plan. Exactly what they do will depend on the type of drug your teen is addicted to. 

If their addiction is much worse, the drug addiction counselor may suggest inpatient drug treatment. With this they will stay at the drug treatment center full-time to be monitored 24 hours a day. Your teen may also go through withdrawals from their drug and there would be medical professionals there to make sure they go through this okay. 

Talk with the drug addiction counselor and they can give you much more information on how they can help your teen. For more information, contact mental health counseling professionals in your area.