Perks Of Treating Chronic Back Pain Through Physical Therapy

At least 16 million US adults suffer from chronic back pain. Such people cannot easily participate in everyday living activities without using painkillers. Sometimes, these patients even get spine surgery to treat the condition. While most of these surgeries are successful, the patients are often left with lifelong post-surgery complications. Patients who do not want surgery or opioid dependency may seek alternative medical procedures like physical therapy. It is a safe, non-invasive, and natural way to treat chronic back pain without causing further medical complications. The following reasons will explain why some patients prefer physical therapy over other traditional pain relief methods.

It Has Little to No Complications

Traditional pain relief methods such as spinal surgery and medication have varying complications. Some painkillers, such as morphine, are addictive when the patient uses them regularly. Thus, it is easy to develop an addiction when relying on these drugs. On the other hand, surgery can leave you with torn muscles and tissue, which may take time to heal. These complications can affect your ability to live your everyday life as you wish. Physical therapy is a low-risk medical option that can potentially relieve back pain permanently. Therapists use massages, electronic nerve stimulation, and diathermy, which have close to no complications. 

It Can Be Modified to Suit Individual Needs

Various people have different medical conditions that cause chronic back pain. There are many causes for back pain, such as arthritis, spinal stenosis, myofascial pain syndrome, or injuries of varying degrees. The degree of pain is also unique to every patient. As a result, other people require a particular treatment regimen to treat their condition effectively. Physical therapy can combine passive treatments and physical activity to hasten recovery. Your therapist can create an exercise plan for you to reduce pain and swelling and improve your range of movement. These exercises are tailor-made to give you high chances of full recovery.      

It Treats the Root Cause of the Pain

Thanks to recent advancements in modern medicine, doctors can prescribe various medical regimens to eliminate pain for good. Pharmaceutical companies have developed strong pain relief medications that can eliminate any discomfort. While these drugs work as intended, they often do not treat the cause of the pain. They simply trick brains into not feeling pain. Thus, you will have to take the pills every day to keep the pain at bay. On the other hand, physical therapy treats the pain at its root. Your therapist will assess the affected region to identify the source of the pain and recommend daily stretching and exercise routines to trigger self-healing.