Who Can Take Prep For HIV Prevention?

HIV prevention has come a long way in recent years. Now, there are medications you can take for ongoing protection from HIV, even if you have sexual contact with an HIV positive individual. These medications work well for men and women, and they're highly effective. However, they are not necessarily the right choice for everyone. Here's a closer look at who can take HIV prevention pills. Those who are HIV negative Read More 

Perks Of Treating Chronic Back Pain Through Physical Therapy

At least 16 million US adults suffer from chronic back pain. Such people cannot easily participate in everyday living activities without using painkillers. Sometimes, these patients even get spine surgery to treat the condition. While most of these surgeries are successful, the patients are often left with lifelong post-surgery complications. Patients who do not want surgery or opioid dependency may seek alternative medical procedures like physical therapy. It is a safe, non-invasive, and natural way to treat chronic back pain without causing further medical complications. Read More 

Keys To Getting A Loved One Involved In Early-Stage Parkinson’s Clinical Trials

In order for researchers and physicians to better study the effects of different medications, they can orchestrate clinical trials. They require a set of volunteers to undergo routine testing. If you have a loved one and are trying to get them in an early-stage Parkinson's trial, in particular, these measures will help. Make Sure Loved One Qualifies Early-stage Parkinson's clinical trials will want participants that meet certain criteria. It might be certain side-effects of this disease or a certain age group. Read More 

Learn About Hormonal Imbalances And How Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Can Help

Hormones play a big role in most of your bodily functions. Hormones act as a type of communications system that helps the different parts of the body work together. Just a few examples of things helped with hormones include your growth, your immune system, and even your mood. This is why it's so important for your hormones to be at the right level. If they get out of balance, then it can negatively affect you in any number of ways. Read More 

Tips For Seeking Treatment At A Med Spa

Medical spas have become more common in recent years. They can be great places to get non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to improve or change your appearance. People go to med spas to treat everything from acne and age spots to cellulite. Regardless of why you're planning on visiting a med spa, the following tips will come in handy. Be open to suggestions. You may come into the medical spa with an idea of what treatment you'd like. Read More