Learning More About The Medicinal Uses Of Marijuana

Although the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently has approved two medications that each contain a synthetic cannabinoid chemical as an ingredient, it has not approved the overall use of the marijuana plant to medically treat symptoms of a disease. Because of the limited clinical trials to date, research continues to assess the risks and benefits of the use of cannabinoid chemicals in medications, especially as more states move to legalize medical marijuana. Read More 

4 Tips To Consider After Baby Has Had Vaccinations

Once your baby has been born, you are going to be making frequent visits to the pediatrician to ensure that growth and development are on track and to ensure that your baby is receiving all the right vaccinations they need. Not every appointment will require vaccinations, but here are some tips to consider if it does: Keep Baby Inside for Quiet Time: After you have visited the pediatrician and your baby has received vaccination shots, you will want to take baby straight home. Read More 

How Your Feet Make Your Back Hurt

If you frequently have back pain, take a look at your feet. If you have flat feet, also known as fallen arches, the alignment of your lower body is in a position that puts stress on your lower back. A podiatrist can evaluate the impact of your foot position on your back and make some recommendations to relieve the pain. Here is why your feet are making your back hurt and what the foot doctor can do to help. Read More 

3 Vaccines Women Should Get To Protect Themselves Against Stds

As a woman, the only way to protect yourself completely against sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) is by abstaining from all sexual activity with other people. While this is the best method for avoiding STDs, it may not be an option in your life. If you are or plan on being sexually active, there are many ways you can protect yourself against these diseases, and one option is by choosing to get vaccinated. Read More 

Check Out Breast Augmention Trends That Have Taken Center Stage In 2016

Something extraordinary is happening in the business of breast augmentation, and it bodes well for you if you are seeking to undergo such a procedure. Advances in the field of plastic surgery have been made over the years, and certified plastic surgeons are saying that the advances have helped them to improve results for your benefit. They've actually suggested that breast augmentation has been made easier and more effective. So have you given thought to fat graft breast augmentation and other innovative breast augmentation trends that can benefit you? Read More