Psoriasis And Tattooing

Contrary to popular belief, people with psoriasis can in fact get tattoos. There are some changes to the normal routine of tattooing, as well as after-care for the tattoo. Read on to find out more! Psoriasis and its effects on tattooing Psoriasis is a skin condition that makes the skin red, itchy, and scaly. There are many types of psoriasis, but all affect the skin and make it difficult to tattoo. Read More 

Baby Steps Towards Relaxation: What Prenatal Massage Can Do For You

When you think of the word "pregnancy", the ideas of comfort and relaxation aren't generally what come to mind. Contrary to that way of thinking, however, is the simple fact that, massage during pregnancy -- called prenatal massage, officially -- can work wonders for both your aching, swelling body and your state of mind. But what exactly is prenatal massage and how exactly can it benefit you? If you're looking into getting a massage during pregnancy but have a few questions before you actually commit to the idea, then here's what you need to know. Read More 

The Relationship Between Sinus Infections And Snoring

If you have a sinus infection, the problem isn't simply that the symptoms are very annoying. Another problem is that your sinus infection might trigger snoring, which can annoy anyone whom you are living with. The sinus infection causes the lining of your nose to become inflamed, interfering with breathing. Also, the infection can irritate your nose and cause it to produce more mucous.   Signs That You Have A Sinus Infection Read More 

Worried About Getting Braces? 4 Celebrities Who Have Fought The Good Fight

Most kids understand that they need braces, but they don't want them. For many, they see braces as an ugly addition to their already-complicated teen life. However, some of them may be able to be persuaded when they find out that some of their favorite celebrities have actually had their own set of braces at some point in their lives (as a child or an adult) and have survived to tell about it. Read More 

Reducing Varicose Veins Without Surgery: Three Natural Therapies To Try

Varicose vein surgeries are quite common and highly effective. However, if you fear going under the knife (or laser), then it is worth your while to try reducing your varicose veins with some of these other non-surgical methods first. Grape Seed Oil Several studies have indicated that grape seed oil may be effective in reducing both the discomfort and swelling associated with varicose veins. The specific antioxidants it contains are known to fight inflammation, which is one of the primary contributors to varicose veins. Read More