How Spinal Surgery Helps Football Players With Ruptured Discs After A Car Accident

Football players need to keep their bodies in great shape to avoid excessive pain but may get in crashes that can cause damage to their backs or other parts of the body. For example, a car crash can easily cause the kind of pressure needed to rupture a disc in the spine, a problem that often requires back and spinal surgery to provide the player with the capabilities to return to the field again. Read More 

How Prehabilitation With A Physical Therapist Might Be Helpful Before Your Orthopedic Surgery

If orthopedic surgery could be in your future, you probably know physical therapy will be part of your recovery. However, you might also undergo prehabilitation before surgery as well as rehabilitation after your surgery. Prehabilitation may not be suitable if you have an injury and need surgery without delay, but prehab might help a routine knee or hip replacement. Here's how prehabilitation with a physical therapist can be helpful. You'll Strengthen Important Muscles Read More 

Could Seeing a Physical Therapist Help with Your Headaches?

If you suffer from chronic headaches, it is important to see a doctor. You want to rule out serious conditions such as brain tumors and infection. Once those causes are ruled out, you can look towards lifestyle remedies and other ways to manage the pain and reduce the frequency of your headaches. Along those lines, seeing a physical therapist can be surprisingly helpful. Here are some of the ways a physical therapist may help you manage your headaches. Read More 

What To Expect From Your Ankle Fusion Surgery

Your ankle is a complex joint, and it is put under strain every time you walk, run, or jump. As such, it is pretty common for arthritis to develop in the ankles as people age. When this occurs, your orthopedic doctor will often recommend a procedure called ankle fusion surgery, which permanently connects two of the bones in your ankle so they no longer move. If you've been advised to have this surgery, here's a brief look at what to expect. Read More 

Keep Your Hospital Or Clinic Running Well With A Healthcare Recruiter In Place

Staffing can be a major problem for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare industry organizations. Finding quality employees with the training and experience needed to run a hospital, clinic or medical office in an efficient manner is often challenging. A healthcare recruiter, such as Health Care Recruitment Solutions, can make a big difference when your organization is full of openings and the people applying for positions are less than qualified. When your human resources department is having a hard time filling positions and you aren't sure what to do next, it's time to find a healthcare recruiter in your area who can identify potential employees and encourage people to apply for positions who meet the qualifications you are looking for. Read More