Oh Baby! Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain

Pregnancy comes with an host of aches and pains that are unique to soon-to-be moms. One common discomfort that many pregnant women suffer from is back pain, which is caused by increased weight gain, a shifting center of gravity and hormonal changes that loosen pelvic ligaments. If you are pregnant and plagued with back pain, there are some solutions to help ease the discomfort. Get Some Extra Support Part of the cause of back pain is the extra strain on muscles and the spine due to a growing baby. Read More 

More Than Skin Deep | Understanding The Laser Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoos are an incredible form of self expression that has been gaining in popularity steadily for a lot of years. In fact, a the Harris Poll of 2012 about one out of every five adults in this country has at least one tattoo on their skin. However popular tattoos may be, not every person who chooses a work of skin art will be happy with it forever, and it is not at all uncommon for people to show up in a dermatologist's office in search of tattoo removal. Read More 

The Plain Truth About Four Common Acupuncture Myths

Acupuncture is a treatment process that involves the use of very fine needles to ease pain and other conditions. The needles are inserted into your skin at predetermined points that are identified based on your ultimate goals. Treatment in different areas of the body are believed to yield different types of results. Although this method is a mainstream medicine option in China, it's only recently gained popularity as part of Western medicine. Read More 

4 Signs That Could Indicate A Need For In-Home Senior Care

When your parents start to age, it is only natural that you will feel responsible for making sure they are properly cared for. This often means you take on tending to their care. As dedicated as you may be to making sure that your elderly loved one is getting what they need, it can sometimes get overwhelming. Many people miss the signs that taking care of their aging loved one is taking a toll on them. Read More 

3 Ailments Massage Therapy Can Help

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress and relax. But there are also some common health problems that can also be helped with massage therapy. Here are a couple aliments that massage therapy can help. 1. Simple Infections and Viruses It is not uncommon to get simple colds and viruses. In most cases the best thing for these mild illnesses is for the immune system to work hard to fight it off. Read More